22 Things To Do At Age 22

For my first Project Life, I called it 22 Things To Do At The Age 22. The year has began and we're on the 6th month, I'm too late to do a goal for 2015. So I just come up with the idea to make a goal that will start on my birthday. Yes, I'm turning 22 in few weeks that's why I listed 22 things I wanted to do. Do you want to know what's on my list? here it is!

1. Skydive Dubai 
2. Get a decent job.
3. Go for jetski
4. Wear 2 piece bikini
5. Enroll for gym class. Hello to fitness and healthy life!
6. Read 1 book per month. A total of 12 in a year (4)
7. Travel to a new place, whether in UAE or other countries
8. Try 22 new food hub, either a restaurant, cafe or bar (2)
9. Ride 4x4 in desert safari!
10. Go Karting
11. Savings account with a minimum of 100K pesos
12. Ride a camel
13. Swim with the fishes! Diving or surfing
14. Ice skating
15. Try bowling
16. Go on club or shisha with friends
17. Go on a concert or music festival
18. Learn 500 Arabic language
19. Braces for my teeth
20. New look before I turn 23
21. Apply for ski school.
22. More opportunities for my blog

I know some of the list seems challenging and too impossible, but let see! You never know what will happen on the entire year! I will be slashing out things I have done (you better check my blog time to time). By the end of the year, I will be posting the pictures of the things I've done. You should check it out next year! Wish me luck!


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